Layla Yarak Confirmed as Miss Lebanon International 2013

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According to the President of Miss Lebanon Committee, Antoine Maksoud, Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2013 Deedee Zibara, will not be representing Lebanon at the Miss International 2013 pageant due to some serious issues between Ms. Zibara and the committee. Maksoud added that the official winner has been replaced by Layla Yarak (runner-up at Miss Lebanon Emigrant-Australia) selected in a “legitimate” way for the title of Miss Lebanon International 2013, claiming that Ms. Yarak possesses the necessary qualifications for such international contest, more so than her fellow candidates.

Finally, there is a solid plan underway to elect 3 different representatives, for Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International, at the same pageant or separately, as Maksoud may cooperate with more than 1 local channel for that reason.

    • i would not mind if Miss Lebanon pagent , joins contestants from lebanon and the emigrants from abroad who usually compete for Miss Lebanon International .. to have a better quality and more competent girls … otherwise this plan will affect Lebanon’s results negatively …
      Miss lebanon organization should be directed by experienced young people .. it’s time for us to get rid of those old people like Mr Mksoud and Michel Habis and ESPECIALLY Mona fares

  1. btw , Ayman Moussa has ZEROOOOOOOO chances to make any achievment in Mr world this year and i can bet on it .. very huge neck , huge lips .. looks like a barbarian saoudian

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous! WHY should Layla be representing? She did not receive 2nd place at miss Emigrant, she received the title at Miss Lebanon Australia! I was at the pageant myself. The girl hardly knows how to put a sentence together. If Deedee was disqualified then the rightful thing would be to choose the 1st runner up from Deedee’s year OR the winner of Miss Lebanon Australia Dyala Bachour (though she isnt very good looking)

    I just think that this is a load of crap. Such an embarrassment to our community

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