Miss Lebanon Karen Ghrawi 24 Hours Past Her Election

Miss Lebanon 2013, Karen Ghrawi, left Lebanon’s International Airport 5 hours ago, she’s on her way now to Indonesia along with LBCI reporters, to participate in the 2013 Miss World pageant.

Rumors have been circulating that LBCI channel (sponsor of Miss Lebanon) may no longer be the local franchise holder of Miss Lebanon Universe? If that is true then another contest could be held in the near future to pick Lebanon’s representative at Miss Universe.. Any thoughts on that?

Finally, we have come across a post about the new Miss Lebanon Karen Ghrawi stating that she is born Lebanese but of Syrian father, and German mother, thus, she shouldn’t be representing the Lebanese beauty. Who could confirm that?


  1. kinda funny..my brother told me she looks a bit german during the show,
    anyways…i love her..and i wish her best of luck ….:)))))),

  2. It would be great if a new contest will be held for the Miss Universe competition and especially if a new channel will produce it…We all know that this one doesn’t have a chance and neither than her runner ups(And By the way I consider her as a tourist going to Indonesia not more)….I am not being negative or anything and it might sound a bit harsh but sometimes you just have to say the truth directly :)

  3. She surprisingly looks better here than she did during the finals, I think she looks better with natural look. Good luck, pretty girl :)

    I REALLY hope MTV gets the Miss Universe franchise back, I was watching Mr. Lebanon and thought to myself that the production is even better than Miss Lebanon this year!

    I don’t think Karen could be to a Syrian father, Miss World requires the contestants to provide a valid copy of the passport of the nations they represent when they register.

      • So anyone who’s born in Lebanon gets the Lebanese nationality? I didn’t know that! Nice touch, Lebanon :)

        Then I guess we shouldn’t be all up and tight about it, Germany sent a Venezuelan before and that was the last time they placed in Miss Universe! I’m totally for multi-racial beauties.


    and it’s about time to have separate pageants, Miss Lebanon World and Miss Lebanon Universe

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