Angelina Jolie in Lebanon to Check On The Syrian Refugees..

Hollywood Actress and UNCHR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visited Lebanon yesterday, to check on the Syrian refugees.

“I was very moved today to meet again with the Syrian families and to meet them here – not in a camp but in homes where they are welcomed and protected,” Jolie said during a news conference at the Grand Serail.

I was very happy to see the beautiful Angelina on a mission for a good cause in my country, but a little disappointed because she was wearing the long ‘Abaya’ and a head scarf.

Come on Angelina, I think you might have mistaken Lebanon for Saudi Arabia; the differences of cultural traditions between Lebanon and other Arab countries seem to confuse you a little..

Photos courtesy of The Daily Star

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  1. I don’t think she wore this because she thought lebanon were saudi arabia ! I think she did this because she met syrian people and conservative people.

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