Another Beautiful Miss Lebanon Applicant Gets Turned Down!

This is another beautiful, well-educated 20 year-old Miss Lebanon applicant by the name of Anna Lattouf. She was turned down when she went to the casting location last month to apply for Miss Lebanon.

Last week, Mona Fares (the head of the casting crew) claimed that they went exceptionally easy on this year’s girls but according to Anna, her application was denied because they said she should be 1.67 cm and up, while she’s 1.66 cm !!!

So now you see that Fares is full of hot air, right?

Have you applied to Miss Lebanon and was denied entry? Email us your photos:

  1. honestly, its not that much of a big deal, girls lie about their height all the time she definately exaggerated! 167 is too short for international pageants anyways they would look like midgets!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t agree with you Vicky, Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner who placed in the top 5 finals of Miss Universe is 165cm!!!!!!!

      If you’re beautiful enough with a great presence and a proportionate body then it doesn’t make a big difference whether you’re 172 cm or 166 cm. Obviously this girl didn’t lie about her height she was honest but she still wasn’t given a chance because of this very silly excuse…

      • i actually agree with vicky ! let’s remember that lebanon won’t be treated as usa in miss universe :) ! 166cm is too short ! only if a girl is facially so stunning should be accepted..the merntioned contestant is unfortunately not ! thx

  2. Lebanon’s main mistake is that it tends to follow or compare other countries, just because Miss USA is 166 cm doesn’t mean it would be ok for us to chose a contestant that is 166 cm… We’re supposed to shoot for someone that would give us an advantage over that country not follow them that’s the only way we will ever succeed.
    Needless to say those women who placed regardless to height had something that the girls who did have height lacked. & i suppose that the miss Lebanon committee maybe felt for whatever that someone else deserved this applicants spot…
    I also have nothing to say about Mona until i see the all the girls competing….

  3. Another point that is being overlooked is that were bashing them for not accepting a pretty girl but not a STUNNING girl….if they accepted her you guys would have bashed them anyways, and also they interviewed her, and they tested her personality we didn’t…so who knows what might have been the real reason! jus sayin :)

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