Miss Lebanon Sweden is the New Miss Lebanon Emigrant

Dhour Shweir’s municipality has elected Miss Lebanon Sweden, Patricia Geagea as the 2012 Miss Lebanon Emigrant. Miss Lebanon England, Jessica Dagher landed first runner-up, and Miss Lebanon Russia, Rania Younes was awarded the second runner-up title.

Patricia was crowned by Miss Lebanon Emigrants 2011, Krystelle Khoury, in an entertaining ceremony that took place last Saturday.


  1. She has the same aura of Miss Egypt 2011, Sara Elkhouly. She is gorgeous, but the fact that the official Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2011 didn’t crown her pisses me off!

    Is she going to Miss International?

    • I think she is soooo beautidul and her original look is what makes her so speciel in thi pageant. Otherwise usually lebanese girls are so fake with contacts, silikon boobs etc. But she is a natural beauty.

  2. Please correct it that she was crowned by Miss Lebanon Emigrants 2011 Krystelle Khoury as she was given the title officially by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

    • Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2011 was Maria Farah, and definitely she deserved the title since she has, not only an attractive beauty, but also a strong presence and a great personality. Maria made Lebanon proud by placing in the top 15 at Miss International 2011, it was the third best achievement for Lebanon in Miss International after Christina Sawaya and Jessica Kahawaty. :)

      • The official Miss Lebanon Emigrants 2011 by the Lebanese Government is Krystelle Khoury either you like it or not and that’s why she crowned the new winner live on MTV and not Maria and please get your Infos right because if your proud that Maria scored 15 in Miss International (lol its 15) Krystelle got 4th runner up in Miss Supranational among 75 international countries and was announced among the 50th most Beautiful ladies in the world by Global Beauties… So plz !

    • Stop hating Patricia is natural and if you have any knowledge you should know that they won’t get accepted if they had plastic surgeries.

    • There are 2 Miss Lebanon Emigrants, one run by the Ministry and that is the pageant above, and another one run by Antoine Maksoud which is the one Aline Khouri Signed up with I guess.

      • If you can please stop saying there’s 2 Miss Lebanon Emigrants would be better as there’s only one official event organized by the Lebanese Government represented by the Ministry of Tourism and the second one is Miss Lebanon these are the only 2 official events… Please tell me where was Antoine’s event ?! Who covered it ?

      • Dear Sir,

        We do appreciate your coverage to all our events but I need to bring to your attention that this is not my event it’s the Lebanese Government official event am just appointed by the Ministry of Tourism to organize it along with others and it’s not my words there’s official documents from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Ministry of Tourism confirming that and the winner was crowned by the Minister for tourism while the other event took place in Cyprus the Turkish part without any official participation and their winner won’t be able to participate in any event in Lebanon.

    • Jessica, I am the Director of the event and to us the Lebanese Government Patricia Geagea is the official representative of Sweden .. Aline Khoury with all respect to her doesn’t exist.

      • Dear Elie,

        When our readers ask us details we try to answer them with all honesty. You can call the second the unofficial ML Emigrant, up to you, I don’t care.
        We’re no longer reporting it though because we don’t want to confuse people, and also because yours is the official one according to your documents and words, so we’re going by that.
        Ref: http://www.bisara7a.com/#!ajax_readnews.php?id=12678

        Best wishes!

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