‘Murex D’or’ 2012: The Worst Awards-Show of the Year

There were so many obvious mistakes that could have been avoided in this year’s production of ‘Murex D’or’. We will not post a full review of the show, but we have a few questions to address and remarks for MTV, as well as the 2 founders, Drs. Helou..:

Whatever happened to the Lebanese A-List artists such as Wae’l kfoury, Nadine Al-Rassi, Haifa Wehbe, and Maya Diab? Who were those unknown award recipients? We live in Lebanon, yet we haven’t heard of Top Model Mona Ross, Singer Mike Massi, and Anwar Noor; somebody explain to me on what basis they won?

Nawal Al-Zoghbi and Assi Al-Hellani received the ‘Best Lebanese Artist’ award; why now, not before? They should have received it 15 years ago. I’m assuming they paid for it, or replaced other stars who declined to show up?

Sarah El-Hani’s song was clearly not the best Lebanese song for 2011, nevertheless, she won; is it because you produced her album and managed her work? Probably so.

And by the way, did you run out of professional presenters? Why on earth would you let a fitness trainer interview your show guests? He mixed up the names, and made a fool out of himself. Carolina De Oliveira was the only good choice you made; she was cute, witty, and original, however, Albert Thoumy needed extensive Arabic lessons before going live to 340 million viewers.

Mr. Michel EL-Murr, you took me back to the 90′s when all of your shows were messed up, and fixed in favor of your favorite employees and friends. It’s time for you to clean up the mess, and start all over again, before your so-called #1 Lebanese channel loses credibility!

The results were as follows:
Assi Al-Hellani: Best Lebanese Male Artist
Nawal Al-Zoghbi: Best Lebanese Female Artist
Shereen Abdelwabab: Best Arab Female Artist
Ramy Ayach: Best Artistic Work in the music industry
Kazem Al-Saher: Best Arab Male Singer
Salim Assaf: Best Song, ‘Majnoun’
Angie Jammal: Best Music Video for the song ‘Majnoun’
Sabine: Best Up-and-Coming Female Singer
Anwar Noor: Best Up-and-Coming Male Singer
Carole Samaha: Best Most Comprehensive Female Artist
Ziad Bourji: Best Most Comprehensive Male Artist
Wael Jassar: Best Album ‘Koll Di’ia Shakhsiya’
Youssef El-Khal: Best Lebanese Male Actor
Maxim Khalil: Best Arab Male Actor
Nadine Nassib Njeim: Best Lebanese Female Actress
Hind Sabri: Best Arab Female Actress
Mike Massy: Best Up-and-Coming Male Artist
Mansour Al-Zayed: Best Emirati Artist
Derra: Best Arab Female Actress
Claudia Marshelian: Best Drama Series
Sarah El-Hani: Best Lebanese Song ‘Ya Layl Ana Bhebbak’
Anwar Noor: Best New Star
Joelle Dagher: Best Supporting Female Actress
Majdi Mashmoushi: Best Supporting Male Actor
‘Al-Shahroura’: Best TV Series
‘Ghaltet Omri’: Best Script by Claudia Marshelian
Samir Habshi: Best TV Drama Director
‘Halla’ Lawen’: Best Lebanese Movie

Special Awards:
Actress Derra
Top Model Mona Ross
Singer Mike Massy
‘Min Ayam Salahdeen’, Best Theatrical Production
‘Halla’ Lawen’, Best Movie Soundtrack
Singer Naji El-Osta, Best Youngsters Song
Journalist Raghida Dargham
Actress Nidal Al-Ashkar
Actor Antoine Kerbaj
Singer Kazem Al-Saher, Legend of Arab Music
Actress Bussy, Best Overall Career
Late Singer Warda, Legend of Arab Music

Watch the replay of ‘Murex D’or’ 2012:

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