Mr. Lebanon Org. Sends Runner-up to a Beauty Pageant Scam!

The victim was second runner-up of Mister Lebanon 2012, Hassan Lakkis, who traveled all the way to Caracas, Venezuela, to compete in the so-called “Mr. Model of the World” 2012 competition, organized by Ramshes Dhumon.

The official website of this contest displayed 20 contestants from different countries, but that was not the case. In fact, a close source has told us that there were only 3 contestants competing for the title: Mexico, Syria and Lakkis from Lebanon. On top of that, the contest was poorly organized, the stage looked too small and run down, besides, there was no media coverage for it.

The winner at the end was Mexico, Amin Montaudon Wegan; Hassan Lakkis was given the first runner-up title; and the Syrian Abdullah Al-Haj earned the title Mr. Planet!

Two important questions arise here: Was this a mistake on the Mr. Lebanon Committee’s part? Or was Lakkis disregarded and discriminated against due to being black or maybe for other undisclosed reasons?

On the other hand, all the other finalists of Mister Lebanon 2012 will be competing in legitimate contests like Mr. World, Manhunt International, Mr. International, and Mr. Universe Model.

We truly believe that the committee owes Hassan Lakkis an apology, because he deserves a much better treatment.


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