Beauty of the Week: Top Model Joelle Hatem

This week’s guest on “Lebanese Beauty Press” is a stunning blonde woman, of a Lebanese Father, and Brazilian mother. She took part in Miss Lebanon Universe 1997, earning the second runner-up title.

In 1998, her modeling career took off, and it was marked by pure success. She posed for famous Lebanese designers, hairdressers, and now she’s the face of Ziad Nseir Haute Couture, as well as “Klynn” Lingerie. Her name is Joelle Hatem, and she is known for the strength of her character, and straight forward personality. Joelle is French-educated but despite this, she managed to answer well in English. Feel free to comment on this interview, and give your rating below.

Lebanese Beauty Press: How do you like modeling? And have you modeled outside Lebanon?  

Joelle Hatem: Actually, I worked a lot in modeling the 3 past years, it was non-stop, but now I’m getting some rest. I was the image of Klynn lingerie which is one of the biggest things I have done in modeling. Also, I did an amazing fashion show for L’oreal, I posed for many amazing Lebanese photographers but some amazing French ones too. I’m very picky when it comes to offers, I do not accept everything. I’m also the face of Ziad Nseir haute couture, I love his work, he is so talented.

I started modeling a long time ago with the amazing Papou Lahoud. I landed on more than 14 French and English magazines cover. I do not like all Arabic designers, only a few respectful ones. I posed for hairdressers as well. Actually I’m a bit lost right now cause I did many things during the past years (haha!).

LBP: We heard a couple of years ago that you were writing a book. What happened to it?

JH: Yes true, I’m still writing it, and it’s about my life. I love reading and writing by the way.

LBP: Who’s your favorite international model? 

JH: My favorite model is Bar Rafaeli. She is actually the prettiest lady I have ever seen. She’s so natural and healthy looking, and before her I used to adore Cindy Crawford.

LBP: What do you think of our Lebanese male models?

JH: Well the Lebanese models in general are not really that professional, except for my model friend who unfortunately had to travel abroad to get some respect because agencies in Lebanon do not respect their models!

LBP: You had participated in Miss Lebanon Universe in 1997, and you were this close to winning the title. How do you trust beauty contests in Lebanon?

JH: Honestly, I think that lately the prettiest ladies in Lebanon are not competing in Miss Lebanon because they think this contest is not reputable. My favorite candidate ever for Miss Lebanon, the one I am sure could have been a second Georgina Rizk, was Nicole Ballan. She is the most gorgeous woman who had competed for Miss Lebanon in my opinion.

LBP: Describe your perfect man in 1 word.

JH:Self-Confident. I want him to have confidence in me but before that he must have confidence in himself! Lebanese men are not too confident around pretty women.

LBP: Anything exciting coming up for you?

JH: I’m actually going to open up my own clothing shop soon. Thank you much Lebanese Beauty Press for this nice interview!

  1. :D Funny how she pointed out that the Lebanese male models get exploited by their agents, which is true unfortunately.

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