Former Mister Lebanon Ashamed of his Past?

One of the recent guests on the program “Talk of the Town” was Bassel Abou Hamdan. Some people might have heard about him lately through his participation in race car shows, and for being one of the highest ranked auto-racing drivers in Lebanon.

Mona Abou Hamze, the host of the show who usually goes through her guests achievements and background had missed 2 important points in Bassel’s history, the fact that he was a model and Mister Lebanon 2007. This unjustified act raised questions about Bassel’s integrity.

Was it intentional? If so, is he ashamed of his past? Does it confirm the rumors that he bought the Mister Lebanon title?

It was said that many good-looking men applied for the competition in 2007, but the committee chairman Antoine Maksoud canceled the contest, and settled on Bassel who paid him a large sum of money for the title!

What about modeling? Was that a failed experiment? According to his agent at the time and the coordinator of Mister Lebanon Nidal Bsherrawi, Bassel was not in demand, nobody would request him for ads and fashion shows due to being unqualified.

His appearance on “Talk of the Town” proved to us for sure that he wasn’t searching for his identity in life, he was simply looking for fame! When he couldn’t get it out of modeling and beauty titles he turned to a race-car driver hoping that the third time would be a charm for him..

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  1. No we don’t think Mr. Lebanon Bassel Abou Hamdan has anything to be ashamed of, we like Bassel and he is a gentleman, now his commercials are played as well on TVs

  2. we don’t think so he is proud of being Mr. Lebanon at the contrary we watched the episode, but he is not the best of all

  3. He did really well at Mr. International and placed as a runner up. What’s to be ashamed of? He’s one of the best Mr. Lebanon’s ever.

    Whether he paid a lot of money to Maksoud or not doesn’t make a difference now as he did what was required of him which is to represent Lebanon well.

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