Oliver Obeid: A Rising Model Under the Spotlights

We had a quick chat with model and Mister Lebanon 2011 finalist Oliver Obeid, and here is what came up in the conversation:

Lebanese Beauty Press: How do you like modeling?

Oliver Obeid: I do like it, but modeling is not what I’ve planned for. I took it for experience, and to gain some knowledge in art. It’s just a stepping stone for my main goal in life which is acting, and directing movies.

LBP: How do you get modeling offers? Do you belong to an agency?

OO: I work as a freelancer with different agencies. I either get work through agencies or directors.

LBP: You were a candidate in Mr Lebanon 2010. How did you like that experience, and who do you think was worthy of winning?

OO: I can say that it was a good experience. I got to meet new people, and I think everyone in the competition was worthy of wining.  The panel of jury was being fair to all of us as contestants.

LBP: You said you want to pursue a career in acting . Who is your favorite actor?

OO: I like Jim Carey when it comes to comedy, and Tom Cruise for action movies.

LBP: Have you watched Nadine Labaky’s latest movie?
OO: Yes i have watched it,  and enjoyed it! I would like to thank Nadine for such a wonderful movie. Especially in such a time where Lebanon in particular, and the world is living a dilemma because of religious issues. It’s a very nice movie, with a good cause. I would like to advice everyone to watch it.
LBP: What’s your best achievement(s) so far?
OO: I am taking the first steps towards my career, and my best achievement has yet  to come. My ambition is to be one of the best actors and directors in the region.
LBP: How did you like Lebanese Beauty Press?
OO:Lebanese Beauty Press will have a successful future due to being the first Lebanese magazine dedicated to models/beauties giving them the necessary exposure and attention to carry on, that way their work and talent will not go to waste.

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