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He’s an ambitious young man who started his steps towards fame very early in life. At 17, he signed up for modeling and that’s when his career took off with advertising campaigns for important companies like Dewars, Coca Cola, and later for big names in the fashion industry like Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood, Massimo Dutty and Nemer Saade.

In 2010, he had been chosen to compete in Manhunt International beauty contest where he earned a spot in the top 10, and did  Lebanon proud. He took part in video clips and was a guest on popular TV shows.  He loves singing, acting, skiing, yoga, and now he’s back in school for a Master’s in Physical Therapy.

Ladies, and gentleman enjoy our exclusive interview with the  top model, Mrad Mouawad who talked about his successful experience in the modeling field.

Lebanese Beauty Press: When did you start modeling, and how did you get into this field?

Mrad Mouawad: I started modeling a long time ago, when I was only 17 years old. It all happened by coincidence. My model girlfriend at the time encouraged me to go for a casting call at her agency, so I ended up going, and the next day my agent called me for my first advertising campaign for “Coca Cola”. It was a pleasant surprise for me. Definitely unexpected.

LBP: You have acted in music videos for some famous middle eastern singers like Shereen. How did you enjoy that experience, and will you do it again?

MM: Shereen is a great singer, and the fact that I was the main cast in her video clip made me feel proud, and happy. I loved the storyboard, and the mood of the clip, I felt  connected to the whole  thing. It was such a satisfying experience. To answer the second part of your question, Yes I will do it again if the work is of high standards, and the singer is equally reputable and famous.

LBP: Do you enjoy modeling or acting more, and do you have other artistic hobbies?

MM : I actually love modeling!  It’s something very sensual, and expressive and it involves a lot more emotions than acting, but i can’t deny that I have a dream to be on the big screen.  I would love to act in a movie someday. I’m still waiting for a good offer to come my way.

As far as my other artistic hobby I think singing is the closest one to me, but I’m still not 100% convinced about my potentials in that field.

LBP: Why haven’t you applied for the Mister Lebanon contest yet, or is that not one of your plans?

MM: Mister Lebanon is not what I’m looking for right now. In my opinion it’s not a tool for popularity, and fame. It really won’ t add anything to my career since I already have the exposure, and I’m well known in the industry.

Also, I don’t trust it as a whole event because it can be unreasonable for some contestants so i don’t want to take the risk and be disappointed at the end.

LBP: You placed 6th at Manhunt International 2010, and that is considered a good achievement given the fact that this contest is a tough one- How did you feel when you heard your name among the top 10?

MM: I went to Manhunt International without any expectations, just being there and competing with 50 candidates was a big challenge. I did my best, and it wasn’t easy. Nobody could imagine the difficulties we had go through there. Traveling all the way to China, and then all over that country, spending hours on the train, and at the airports, waking up in the very early mornings, having only 10 minutes to get ready and tons of rehearsals is ridiculous.

When you get through all these challenges, and finally at the end you hear your name being called on stage to join the other 9 semi-finalist candidates you get this ecstatic feeling that you are on the top of the world. I’m satisfied my hard work there paid off.

LBP: Have you made friends with other candidates?

MM: Yes I have. The candidates were really funny, and we had a great time. I’ve never laughed in my life as much as I did at Manhunt International. I made friends from different countries, though getting to know them better depends on the communication, and I’m only I’m close to those who speak my language or English.

LBP: How long can a top model survive in the modeling field?

MM: Sometimes I see men in their 40′s modeling for international brands.
Older models get hired according to the brand, the ad theme, and the type of customers they’re targeting.

For example “Mont Blanc” can use a mature man for their campaign but “CK”, and “Dior” would rather choose a younger man for their ads.

Modeling jobs for men are always growing regardless of the model’s age, so it’s really the opposite of what people think. Not so sure about female top models though.

LBP: What are your career plans for the future?

MM: I am concentrating on my main career as a Physical Therapist right now, and I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in fitness and Pilates. I’m also being more selective in choosing my advertising campaigns, photo shoots, and video clips. Working towards becoming international.

Lebanese Beauty Press: Thanks for the interview and good luck on your career and plans. Everyone can visit Mrad’s official Facebook page here

Mrad Mouawad: Thanks goes to you, and your team at Lebanese Beauty Press.

Photographer: Mokhtar Beyrouth

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