Freelance Model Mohannad Jawish

Lebanese Beauty Press: Hello and welcome, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Mohannad Jawish: I come from Beirut. I studied Marketing in AUST, and I currently work in the medical field. My hobbies are football and working out.
LBP: When did you enter the modeling field? and what agency do you belong to?
MJ: i started modeling in 2006 with Nathaly’s modeling agency; my first add was for “7up” drink. Later I moved from one agency to another and then I ended up as a freelancer and I like it more. I don’t like to have an agent.
LBP: What drew you to modeling?
MJ: It was more like a hobby. Actually a friend of mine at the university advised me to model, so I went for it.
LBP: What do you think of the modeling in Lebanon? Do you get to do lots of  work and shows or has it been slow ?
MJ: We used to do pretty well before, but not anymore. I don’t find this modeling productive anymore now plus it’s a little bit corrupt.

LBP: Would you be interested in applying for Mister Lebanon, and represent Lebanon overseas or that is not one of your goals?
MJ: I already participated in Mister Universe-Lebanon years ago and I won the Mister Photogenic title so I’m not interested in any other beauty contests.

LBP: What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in five years?
MJ: No future plans in this field, but if a good opportunity comes along in acting then I will definitely consider it.
LBP: Thanks for the chat Mohanad.
MJ: Thank you,  and good luck on your magazine.
If you’re interested in working with Mohanad, you can contact him directly via Facebook:
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