Lama Sassine and Miss Lebanon

She began her experience in the beauty field at a ceremony for the election of Miss Sagesse 2011 where she won the title. She competed at Miss Lebanon 2011 where she landed in the semi-finals, and recently in the Elite Model Look Lebanon 2011 contest. Meet Lama Sassine from Ghowaya, Kobayat, who proved to us that often times inner beauty reflects on outer beauty to make people even more beautiful and glowing.

Lebanese Beauty Press: What did you enjoy the most as a contestant in Miss Lebanon?
Lama Sassine: Just entering the Miss Lebanon Contest was a privilege to me. I liked the general environment of Miss Lebanon (i.e the 15 contestants, the activities we’ve done and the excitement of the people who encouraged me).

LBP: Have you made new friends there? Were the other contestants friendly, or distant?
LS: Yes, of course I have made many friends, with whom I’m still communicating. Frankly, the girls were very nice and lovely, but sometimes people can be a little different and you can’t be friends with all of them. The most important thing to me in this contest was getting to know the majority of these girls and make friends with them.

LBP: Being a “Miss Sagesse” titleholder, you would have probably expected to reach the finals in Miss Lebanon. How did you feel when you didn’t make it to the top 5 at the finale? Did that leave any impact on you?
LS: Honestly, I didn’t even expect to compete in Miss Lebanon Contest. Reaching the top finalists was a tremendous achievement to me: out of hundreds of girls, only 16 were chosen and then I was chosen to be among the 10 finalists. This was a big challenge for me. If I hadn’t deserved to be in this place, I wouldn’t have reached this place. Not reaching the Top 5 finalists didn’t have any impact on me, because beauty is relative and each person can have a different own opinion in this matter. I accepted the result with an open heart.

LBP: How did you find the jury? Were they biased, or have they treated everybody the same?
LS: The Jury was constituted of people who were very friendly and nice. They were always encouraging us to do our best. No, they weren’t biased at all.

LBP: What did you think of their final choice?
LS: The jury has enough expertise in this field of beauty and that’s why the’ve chosen these experts to be judge. I respect their choice, because they are more experienced than anyone else and, after all, and as I said to you earlier, Beauty is relative and chance plays a big role in this kind of contests.

LBP: Who deserved the crown more, Yara or her 1st runner up Carolina Nassar?
LS: In my opinion, both of them deserved the crown: Yara has her own personality and culture and Carolina has a strong personality and charm. Finally, the one who deserved it the best was to be Miss Lebanon.

LBP: What are your future career plans?
LS: Currently, my goal is to get my Law degree and succeed  in my studies, so I can be a successful lawyer and an effective worker in the legal field. As for the Beauty field, I’d love to experience more of it, because that is another one which I think can take me higher.

LBP: A Final word from you to Lebanese Beauty Press?
LS: Finally, I would thank Lebanese Beauty Press, who must represent the real Lebanese beauty and show it to the world and for everyone to see it that our country Lebanon is full of beauty. I would also like to thank you for this interview. As for my parents and fans who encouraged me, I would like to say to them: “Without your encouragement and love, I wouldn’t be in this place and I wouldn’t reach the title of “Miss Sagesse” and being among the Top 10 in “Miss Lebanon”. Thank you!

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